Beachfront Sand Key Condos for Sale – Condos under $250000? $300000? $350000?

Sand Key Condos – Distressed Beachfront Inventory going down

Sand Key Florida – As Clearwater Beach Realtors specializing in helping buyers with Sand Key condos for sale we’ve spent a lot of time showing the condos for sale this past month.  Every year when the weather starts to cool up north, people start think seriously about finding their piece of paradise here in sunny Florida.  This is where the news media is so misleading because they keep giving “lumped up stats” when all real estate is local and they also make it sound like people with condos for sale here in Sand Key Florida are just giving beach houses and condominiums away.

** I wrote this in October 2010 and wanted to give you an update for March 2012**

If anything we’ve seen inventory tighten and good inventory priced well as becoming rarer and rarer when looking at Sand Key condos for sale. Today March 18, 2012 there are currently so today there are NO gulf front Sand Key Condos for sale under $250,000 and  only 3 units for sale on the intercoastal side of Sand Key for under $250,000 – there are more choices when looking at Clearwater Beach condos for sale so give us a call to get the latest list.

Yes, some people worried about the Oil Spill and many thought that would reduce values but we’re not seeing that – in fact the opposite is true. We are seeing new “highs” closing and that appraisal that was leverage for the buyer to get a “great deal” is the sword that cuts both ways – the new comps may have you paying more sooner rather than later.

We’re still finding many real estate buyers are shocked after spending time with us to find out how few two bedroom beachfront condos there really are for sale in Sand Key Florida under $350,000 – How many do you think there are for under $250,000, $300,000 or $350,000 of the 127 Sand Key condos for sale today?

Sand Key Condos for Sale – Finding the 1 out of 100 Bargains

We researched 2 bedroom condos and Would you be shocked to find out the:

  • # of 2 bedroom Sand Key Condos for sale under $250,000 – > None!
  • # of 2 bedroom Sand Key Condos for sale under $300,000 – Only 1 out of all 127
  • # of 2 bedroom Sand Key Condos for sale under $350,000 – Only 2 out of all 127

There are some small 1 bedroom and studios that are available at lower prices but we rarely get requests for them.

Here’s the dirty little real estate secret.. the price the condos are listed at, when not “preapproved” by the bank, may actually just end up teasing you, the serious buyers. In this case, both condos priced under $350,000 are both short sales so the list price doesn’t guarantee you can buy these at that price – even if you offer full price…

Are Sand Key Condo Short Sales good deals?

Do you understand that the bank may (and usually does) request more that the buyer’s offered?

You may be surprised to learn that in our experience  banks are currently approving short sales on Sand Key condos for sale at near or above the current “average market value”. So while you think you’ve found that 1 in 127 “great deal” “short sale beachfront condo” and are ready to excitedly ask your Clearwater Beach Realtor to submit your offer and start the waiting process for the bank to “accept your offer” you may be missing out on other genuinely good deals altogether.

The thing most real estate buyers don’t realize is I’ve personally been in both of these Sand Key Condos for sale and to say they are in “original condition” (circa late 1970’s early 1980’s) would be me being kind. Realize in units that haven’t been updated you may looking at @$7,000+ for new air conditioning units, water heaters and other original appliances at or near end of life.

If  you are serious about buying a Sand Key condo for sale or any beachfront condo from Clearwater Beach to St Pete Beach we can help. We work exclusively helping buyers as their advocate making sure they have all the information they need on each condos “real value”, where are the real bargains and what’s the Clearwater beach real estate market really doing right now. We even have a whole page of video testimonials from happy clients sharing their experience when they were sitting in your shoes.

We know Sand Key condos and can give you the in-depth local knowledge that’s hard to find elsewhere. An example is our recent series on what’s happening at the Cabana Beach Club Condos – especially sharing the inside scoop all buyers need to know before buying there:

Don’t be fooled by magic and mirrors, or worse believing everything you hear in the news. We see the market improving but now is still a great time to buy so before you find yourself learning that the Sand Key condos for sale that were the “real deals” are going, going, GONE! (We actually found a great deal for one of our buyers that hadn’t even hit the market and ironically was under $350,000 and the owner owed nothing and were motivated – don’t overlook the old fashioned bargains – especially in this marketplace)

Want to Buy a Sand Key Foreclosure – Clearwater Beach Bank Owned REO Condos for Sale

Oh yeah, and the other most often request we get is for a Sand Key foreclosures and Clearwater each Bank Owned / REO condos for sale. Well guess what, banks figured out that when they package prime real estate with not so prime real estate they can get more for the “package deal” so we see very few come up for sale – right now on Sand Key there are NO bank owned Sand Key condos for sale and on Clearwater Beach there are 4 and only one is on the beach in a bldg that won’t qualify for a loan so you’d need to be a cash buyer. When they do come on the market its usually because they are in rough shape or not desirable (i.e. – like overlooking a parking lot for example)  and you still have to ask if it’s a good deal once you sink the necessary money into it. With all that being said – yes, the benefit of working with us is that we are your advocate through out the whole process.

P.S. In case you were wondering…It was 87 degrees today and we’re officially oil free, so what other questions do you have about the Clearwater beach real estate market right now? Just ask us!!!

And if you’re looking for a Clearwater Beach Realtor we’d like you to know that we are passionate about being your real estate advocate. We’re committed to delivering Results daily based on Integrity, Knowledge & Experience – helping you find the perfect Sand Key condos for sale.

We’d like to be YOUR Clearwater Beach Real Estate Team!

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** Sand Key condos for sale under 300,000 – here are some to get you started!

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