Clearwater Florida Home Mortgage Update – When Your Mortgage Broker Can’t Deliver – Tampa Bay Mortgage Expert Can!

Clearwater Florida Home Mortgage Report – Is your Home Loan Going Up in Smoke? We are seeing the Tampa Bay Mortgage Industry like the rest of the world changing quickly before our eyes and many home buyers or those looking at Clearwater Condominiums for sale who thought they had a mortgage in the works these days are finding out they … Continued

Island Estates Florida Waterfront Condo Real Estate Report| Waterfront Bargains Under $200,000

Island Estates Waterfront Bargains Report – 33767 I had someone call me today wanting to buy a Clearwater Beach Bargain. Good thinking, since NOW is the time to get in on  waterfront bargains! This buyer was looking for a Clearwater Florida waterfront condo for under $200,000 in the Clearwater Beach | Island Estates | Sand Key area. Now for anyone that … Continued

Clearwater Florida Home Mortgages – Can I still get one?

Clearwater Real Estate Mortgage Market Report You have probably heard it is hard getting Clearwater home loans with all of the problems with sub-prime mortgages, and the tightening of lending rules, so here is an update on home mortgages this summer. Yes, you can get a home mortgage in the Tampa area now, but it is important to understand what is going on … Continued