Marina Del Rey

Many elements draw folks to the condo lifestyle of Clearwater Beach, Florida and Sand Key. Some people enjoy the thrill of the vacation vibe, the tourist buzz, the playful nature of resort lifestyles, and the proximity and convenient access to restaurants, shops, and other area amenities. Other people, however, are drawn to the water, the solitude of sailing, the tranquility of floating to nowhere, or the hushed relaxation of fishing. When you’re a boating enthusiast who loves life on the water, you might find yourself right at home in the boating community of Marina Del Rey in Clearwater, Florida.

Marina Del Rey prides itself on being a private hideaway, a quiet community extending on a finger island away from the mainstream hustle and bustle of a resort vacation destination community. Built in 1982, the community encompasses 73 waterfront homes, each with a private boat dock. The entrance to the Marina Del Rey community is across the street from the white sands of the beach and the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Altogether, there are 11 buildings, each consisting of 2-3 floors, which create the 73 unit community.

When shopping condos and townhomes, some folks are shopping amenities. Although Marina Del Rey does offer a community heated swimming pool, the lifestyle is less about community facilities and more about a comfortable living environment indoors with easy access to the water outside.

Living spaces include over-sized tubs in the master suites, perfect for that in-home spa-like experience. The homes also have over-sized secure parking garages for storing your other vehicles and equipment.

You’ll be glad to know that your furry friends are also welcome aboard at Marina Del Rey. Homeowners in the community may have two small dogs.

You won’t find the Marina Del Rey boating community overrun by tourists, either. The Marina Del Rey townhome complex has a rental restriction of a minimum of 180 days, meaning groups of vacationers won’t be able to use the unit next door as their party place crash pad for the week. You may actually have the opportunity to develop healthy relationships with neighbors who have interests in common with yours. And, when it’s time to stay at home and take a dip in the community pool, you might find your community spirit manifesting in poolside barbecues with the neighbors.

Some people are drawn to the beach for the buzz of the activity – the touristy commotion that zips and moves through the area with a lively energy. The vacation vibe creates a relaxed atmosphere of play and fun in the sun. But not everyone is drawn to the chaos of a vacation community. Some residents want to take full advantage of the environment – the beach life, fishing, boating, colorful sunsets over vast blue waters. For the latter group, those folks who prefer to keep to themselves while living a life of purpose designed for enjoying water-front lifestyles, Marina Del Ray may be the ideal place to settle in and call home.

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